Thursday, July 25th at 2pm EST at

Ron Reeve, APSE Board Member and Public Policy Committee Member and Ryley Newport, APSE’s Public Policy Associate, 11561662-various-colored-birds-chirpingwill be taking questions at #employmentfirst

APSE will be holding a special Tweet Chat to discuss the use of the sub-minimum wage, using a new platform ( As many disability advocates know, on June 21st, NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” aired a special story highlighting the use of the special minimum wage certificate (Section 14 (c)).

(View the full segment at:

APSE’s Tweet Chat is intended to allow APSE members (and those across the field) to have an opportunity to share their feedback about the story. NBC’s story has received a lot of attention lately and APSE hopes to have everyone share their responses as well as brainstorm the next steps to support integrated employment opportunities, at or above minimum wage.

However, APSE does not wish to focus specifically on the practices of Goodwill. APSE understands that many Goodwill members are either converting their practices or stand opposed to the national policies of Goodwill. APSE welcomes anyone and everyone to join the chat to share thoughts, experiences and criticisms of a story that has provided an excellent opportunity for us to open up the conversation to improve practices around the country!

The Tweet chat will (also) provide an opportunity to learn more about ways to utilize Twitter in the Employment First movement!

1.         Please visit and click log in. Authorize the app so that you can tweet via twubs.

2.         Enter Hashtag at the top of the screen – where it says enter hashtag — #employmentfirst

3.         This will take you to our special Tweet Chat room for #employmentfirst