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It seems like all I have to do to get a big response to a Facebook post is to say something about a current or past pet, and before you know it… poof!….. Twenty or more likes (and often counting) as well as a handful of flattering comments.

It would appear that a LOT of us are pet lovers! I’ve written before on this blog about how great pets are for us. Among other benefits, they’ve been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. To say nothing of their companionship!  It’s no wonder we miss them so when they are gone!

SO, why aren’t pets more common in the workplace? Yes, I know they “can” make a mess, and some dogs “do” bark a lot, but there are lot of dogs that are house-trained and many that DON’T bark a great deal. Of course, if you work in a restaurant or another place where food is served, a pet probably isn’t a good idea!

But I think there are a lot of workplaces where it could work quite well to have a pet on the premises on a pretty regular basis. A bank. (Take out a loan, pet the puppy!) …. Dealership. (Buy a car, pet the puppy.) Credit union. Library. Tax office. Dental clinic. (Might even make you look forward to having that molar filled!)

You get the idea.

Consider: When I bring our cute, 8-pound mix Pepper Ann (see picture above), to a local assisted living facility, the eyes of seniors and staff alike light up. People are always so glad to see her!

The same holds true when I frequent the local post office and a few other businesses.

Baxter, our beloved white Maltese we had before Pepper Ann, was even welcome at a car dealership when we bought a different vehicle a few years ago. People smiled, looked at him, smiled some more, petted him. You’d think he had a license to drive and mucho bucks in his wallet!

Your workplace might even consider having a “doggy day care” so your pooch can run around some with some playmates while you’re attending to work tasks. You can check in on him on your lunch hour, and not have to wait until you get home to see that smiling face!

What a perk!! In a day and age in which it’s getting harder all the time to attract new talent, and the way people love their pets, it’s a marriage made in heaven don’t you think?