By Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth McLeod

Attracting and keeping top Millennial talent is a burning issue for business leaders. Millennials represent 35% of the workforce. By 2020 they’ll be nearly half (46%) of the working population.

Organizations like G Adventures, Google, and Hootsuite are filled with Millennials who are on fire for their jobs. Yet many organizations struggle to attract, and retain, top Millennial talent.

Below, Elizabeth shares her insights about what top-performing Millennials want, and how leaders can ignite the “energy of a thousand suns.”

An Open Letter to Management:

You hired us thinking maybe this person might be in it for the long haul. We’ve been on the job for six months, then drop a bomb on you. We’re quitting.

We know the stereotypes. Millennials never settle down. We’re drowning in debt for useless degrees. We refuse to put our phone away. We are addicted to lattes even at the expense of our water bill. Our bosses are not wrong about these perceptions.

But, pointing to our sometimes irresponsible spending and fear of interpersonal commitment isn’t going to solve your problem. You still need us. We’re the ones who’ve mastered social media, who have the energy of a thousand suns, and who will knock back $5 macchiatos until the job is done perfectly.

I’ve worked in corporate America, administrative offices, advertising agencies, and restaurants. I’ve had bosses ranging from 24 to 64. I’ve had bosses I loved, and bosses I didn’t. I’ve seen my peers quit, and I’ve quit a few times myself. *

Lisa Earle McLeod is the creator of the popular business concept, Noble Purpose, and author of the bestseller, “Selling with Noble Purpose: How to Drive Revenue and Do Work That Makes You Proud.” Elizabeth McLeod is a Millennial, cum laude graduate of Boston University, and daughter of Lisa Earle McLeod.

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