By Danielle Korins

It’s been said that “a company is nothing without its people.” A solid team of professionals makes for a successful and booming business—after all, they are what keep the engine running.

This holiday season, make it clear to your staff how important they are every day of the year. As the Chief Human Resource Officer at Sterling—the global leader in employment background screening and talent solutions— we put together ten best practices when it comes to showing staff appreciation.

A few of them appear below:

Time off. With so much to do to get ready for the holidays, giving employees extra days off, or even a portion of a day, will help them tremendously. But however you decide to approach time off, make sure that it will not affect the employee’s workload. The last thing you want to do is recognize one member of your team while burdening the others with extra work.

Personalize rewards. Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to rewards will not be a successful way to increase engagement. All employees have different personalities and preferences, so to get the most out of the rewards you give, choose things that are most likely to make them feel appreciated.

Speak up. Showing appreciation does not necessarily have to be in the form of a gift. Just saying “thank you for a hard day’s work” or “thank you for your contribution to this project” can make employees feel valued, especially if the recognition is coming from someone in upper management.

Do it often. Thanking employees is not just something you should wait for the holidays to do. In order to inspire the engagement you need to keep productivity high and turnover low, be sure to make employee appreciation part of your workplace culture.

As the saying goes, “little things mean a lot.”