Yesterday I walked about,

A smile upon my face.

I had a neat appearance

And a sure and steady pace.


Today it’s hard to lift my head

As I walk down the street.

My posture bends somewhat more

My appearance isn’t as neat.


It’s hard to smile but I try

As folks I know pass by.

Sometimes it’s hard to focus

Or to look them in the eye.


I’m weary and each little thing

I do takes effort now.

Yesterday I moved about

Much easier somehow.


Few really tend to understand

The way that I must strive

To try to deal with each new change

So that I can survive.


For even in one day my mood

Can turn from low to high.

At times I’ve been in the depths of hell;

I’ve also touched the sky.


Because my problem’s found within

The centers of my brain,

I think it’s kind of hard for folks to know

About my kind of pain.


All I ask is understanding;

In my work or in my home,

So that even in my darkest hours

I won’t feel so alone.


Submitted by Colleen Wicker, Suring, WI

While written for individuals with bipolar disorder, most any of us who are coping with a mental health challenge can likely relate to this stirring poem. While the author of this blog did not receive this poem in time to post during (May) Mental Health Awareness Month, the truth is that mental health challenges know no particular months – they are ongoing, hence its continued relevance. Hopefully it touches some of you reading it. Blessings to you and yours.