“All gave some. Some gave all.” – In memory of all those who have served in our Armed Forces….  Happy Memorial Day 2018

My dad served in the India, China, Burma Theatre during World War II. He was part of the last mounted cavalry unit during WWII. It’s no wonder he could ride a horse when I was a kid, and the rest of us couldn’t! I also found out years later, through a neighbor of mine who is a military medal expert, that my dad was eligible for some medals he never received!  I wrote to (then) Congressman Reid Ribble, and his office sent them! Not that my humble dad would have cared… as we all know, those in the “greatest generation” like my dad just wanted to get on with life after the war, and raise their families.


Photo below left: Yours truly at the WWII Memorial in Washington in fall 2012. No, this wasn’t taken during Memorial Day weekend – it was taken during a break from the national/international EAPA conference that fall in nearby Baltimore – but it remains a special memory of mine.

The veterans pictured in yellow were there as part of Honor Flights that take vets to DC to see the memorial. Too bad my dad did not live to take one of those. I’m sure blessed I got to see it.