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With the recent passing of actress Mary Tyler Moore, the catchy ditty, “Love Is All Around” has been going through my head from time to time – a tune that seems especially appropriate on Valentine’s Day.  One reason the song is memorable is because it’s really true… love IS indeed all around, at least when we are smart enough to see life that way.



Here are a few examples… L…. as in… “Lighten”, or how love helps lighten our load in life... …When we’re having a really rough day, our spouses can really Lift us up and Lighten our Load…reminding us about what is truly important.

O…. as in “Observe”…. the importance of observing those around us… not just casually looking, but observing. When we look, we often only see the obvious… the elderly man in front of us slowing us down in the grocery checkout when we are in a rush to leave! …..observing means noticing his cane, how hard it is for him to even get out his wallet… who wouldn’t move a bit slow? He’s doing his best! Maybe you could even help him carry his groceries to his car.

V.… as in… well, why not the obvious…. “Valentine.” We tend to reserve this term for our significant others, as in… “a gift or greeting sent or given especially to a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.” However, Merriam-Webster points out that the word “valentine” also means… “something (as in a movie or piece of writing) expressing uncritical praise or affection.” We can demonstrate praise or affection for someone (or something) any day of the year, not just February 14.

E… as in…. “Effuse.” … the process of spreading out or pouring… valentineWhen we lighten someone’s load (need not be just our spouse), observe our surroundings to see the good in people, and when we see that a valentine doesn’t just have to be just for a loved one on a specific day of the year… we are, in effect, being effusive.

Okay, I know a took a few liberties with the meaning of “Love Is All Around” as the gist of it is about Mary Richards embarking on a new life as a single woman – but I hope this meaning also applies…. And in closing, let’s not forget another great use for the letter E.…. EAT…. So treat your significant other to a sweet treat today!