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004Have you ever brought your dog to work? Seriously! If he doesn’t bark a lot, or shed all over your boss’s furniture, why not? The benefits of therapy dogs are well known, but even if your pooch isn’t trained as such, I’ll guarantee he’ll still bring a smile to people’s faces when you bring him into the office.

Don’t think so? You should see folks’ light up when they see me walk in the door with our cute Maltese, Baxter. “How much do you want for him?” I’ve been asked repeatedly. “Uh, he’s not for sale,” I respond, not entirely sure if this lady is serious or not.

Living in a small town, I’ve been able to bring our pooch into the library, post office, assisted living facility (many seniors especially seem to love dogs), and pharmacy. Since he’s small, I usually carry him because, well, he just might decide to “do his business” if I set him on the floor. Actually, he did once, and the pharmacist not only didn’t mind, but she cleaned it up and gave him a treat anyway!

My wife works in a bank, and I’ve brought him in there, too. Again, you should see folks eyes’ light up. Why? Besides being cute, it’s a break away from the usual humdrum. And more than that: Dogs have been known to reduce people’s blood pressure and heart rates, and decrease stress.

He was even welcome in a dealership when we bought a different car some months back. People smiled, t1larg-touchinglooked at him, smiled some more, petted him. You’d think he had a license to drive and mucho bucks in his wallet!

And what dogs are best to bring to the office? According to “The Best Dogs to Bring to Work” poll, it’s the Vizsla, something I didn’t quite get because I had never heard of the breed, and I’m quite the dog enthusiast. Nothing against the breed if you have one, I was just surprised.

Other dogs on this list included the Great Dane (wouldn’t that be pretty big?), Miniature Schnauzer (could be, cute enough, but would have to bark less than mine did), poodle, and a Golden Retriever.

Check out the list at http://dogs.petbreeds.com/stories/14603/best-office-dogs#11-Golden-Retriever

Of course, we’re all pretty prejudiced about something like dog breeds, but whatever type of dog you have, you can be sure there are a lot of people who would like to meet him.