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In recognition of the author’s 400th post on this blog, we are re-running select posts from time to time.

The “lunch bunch” isn’t a reality for most workers, a recent survey from Accountemps suggests. LUNCHWhen asked how they spend their lunch hour, nearly half (49%) of professionals said they typically spend it eating alone. Yet almost as many (46%) people said they would rather have a co-worker join them for the meal.

“Even with demanding workloads, employees should try to step away from their desks during the workday,” said Bill Driscoll, a district president with Accountemps. “Sharing a meal with co-workers not only strengthens business relationships, but creates a more relaxed environment for collaboration and the exchange of ideas.”

Added Driscoll, “The simple act of taking a break – even for a few minutes – can help clear your mind and broaden your perspective, especially when facing challenging business problems.”


EatingMonkeyBusinessImages“I’m too busy to take a break,” many workers will say. “My response has always been, ‘Busy-ness’ never goes away, so take a break anyway! Wolfing down a sandwich at your desk doesn’t count!” Unless you can do so quickly before eating, I don’t think checking messages or surfing the Net on your break counts either. The point is to get away from your work space and screen time!

However, it’s worth pointing out that while many of us enjoy even a semi-relaxing lunch with a co-worker, dining alone WORKS for others who prefer “flying solo” to be alone to meditate or pray, feed the ducks at the park, or other activities best done by oneself.

Moral of the story: Know what works best for you, but if you prefer conversation, line up a lunch with a colleague – or anyone else for that matter – as much as possible. Whichever you choose, the point, of course is to relieve stress during your lunch time.

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