1. Learn: PTSD Treatment Works.
  • Start with PTSD Basics, key information about trauma, PTSD and treatment options. anxietyFor more advanced information, watch the PTSD 101 Course: PTSD Overview. The National Center for PTSD offers many free, in-depth Continuing Education Courses for Professionals as well.
  • Take the mystery out of PTSD treatment. The short whiteboard video PTSD Treatment: Know Your Options reviews the best treatments. And visit AboutFace, a website where Veterans, their family members and clinicians talk about turning life around with PTSD treatment.
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  1. 7777Share: Spread the Word.
  • Connect with the National Center for PTSD on Facebook or Twitter to get up-to-date information or to ask questions about PTSD and treatment. Subscribe to their email publications – PTSD Monthly Update, Clinician’s Trauma Update-Online, or PTSD Research Quarterly – and let others know they are free. The printable PDF with ways to raise PTSD awareness is also easy to share.
  • Join the PTSD Awareness campaign! The National Center for PTSD has tips and materials to help you organize an event or share information about PTSD and effective treatments.