We all have a lot to be thankful for, even when we don’t always realize it. Friends. Family. Children. A job. ringsGood health. And that’s just for starters. Living in the Upper Midwest, I’m also grateful for a special Thanksgiving quite a few years ago when we had steak, salad and onion rings for Thanksgiving dinner!

You see, it was an unusually warm year weather-wise, and since it was so nice out (in the high 50s if I remember right … and that IS warm for a Wisconsinite in late November!) my dad decided to grill out instead of the usual Thanksgiving fare. Other than my sister, the rest of us were never big turkey lovers so she was the only one who put up a fuss about having different food from the norm. We still had pumpkin pie though, by the way. (Guess that was a compromise.)

Thanksgiving is not about the food you say? Well, technically it isn’t, but let’s face it: with all of the work so many of our wives and moms put into peeling and mashing the potatoes, stuffing the turkey, baking a pie (or pies), amid plenty of other slicing, dicing and cooking, we all know that Thanksgiving IS about food more than some of us might care to admit. That’s not unlike how Thanksgiving is also about football and getting ready for Black Friday.

And so even though this particular Thanksgiving meal was nearly 30 years ago, and my mom and dad are both gone, I’ll never forget what a great steak my dad always grilled, and what yummy onion rings my mom fried. And so this Thanksgiving, among other things, I am going to be thankful for onion rings. Pass the ketchup and steak sauce please.