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Job seekers over 50 require an extra hand when seeking full-time work. Research from the isUS Government Displaced Worker Survey, indicates that many employers balk at hiring Baby Boomers. Indeed workers aged 50 and over routinely receive fewer offers and experience longer periods of unemployment.

Blake Nations is the  CEO of…   http://www.Over50JobBoard.com.

He offers the following guidance for older job seekers:

1. Manage Your Expectations. Larger cities allow career continuity while smaller, suburban job markets may offer less opportunity. Job seekers over 50 should broaden their perspective and be open to other prospects that could come about.

2. Show Your Smarts. Take ample time to familiarize yourself with a company’s product or service and the industry in-general. Take every opportunity to illustrate that you have more than a passing knowledge of what your prospective employer does.

job3. Mind Your Appearance. Avoid dressing “old” when you interview. Update your wardrobe with conservative-yet-contemporary clothing. Many employers view their professional team as an extension of their brand.

4. Network. Job seekers over 50 must never hide behind email. Get out and meet with connectors and seek to discover opportunities before they open up to everyone else.

Blake Nations is a former recruiter who lost his job and experienced the very same job discrimination before becoming CEO of …  http://www.Over50JobBoard.com.

This is the only job site dedicated toward connecting Baby Boomers with employers seeking older employees.