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UnsungUnstoppable-iPad-Cover_5-26By Guest Blogger Janine Shea (with assistance from Katherine Carol)

Phamaly Theatre Company recently announced the release of Unsung and Unstoppable: Voices from the Disability Community. Giving voice to unexpected and everyday heroes, Unsung & Unstoppable introduces its readers to 63 individuals making a difference in the disability community.

“This is not simply a collection of biographies. These are captivating stories about remarkable individuals who are bettering our community,” notes Chris Silberman, Phamaly’s Executive Director. “This is a page turner that will inspire an excite readers, bring tears to people’s eyes, and motivate readers to want to make a difference themselves.”

The 63 individuals highlighted include some well-known names such as comedian Josh Blue, and several lesser known “unsung” heroes like Alan Reich and Barry Rosenberg. Reich was the first person to address the UN from a wheelchair, influencing the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Rosenberg helped to deinstitutionalize people with disabilities from nursing homes to their own apartments, organized the first demonstration in the U.S. to provide public transportation accessibility for people with disabilities, and he founded the Denver Metro organization PASCO, which provides home health care services for people with disabilities living independently.

Unsung and Unstoppable was conceived by members of the Phamaly Theatre Company board, in part to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary in 2014. Phamaly is an award-winning Colorado-based company composed entirely of performers with a wide range of physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. Its mission is to inspire people to re-envision disability through professional theatre.   Visit: http://www.phamaly.org.

Unsung & Unstoppable: Voices from the Disability Community, edited by Janine L. Shea for Phamaly Theatre Company, costs $2.99 and is viewable on any E-reader or computer Available for download at:

http://www.phamaly.org …. or…   http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/unsung-unstoppable/16786293

The author of this blog is pleased to publicize this e-book in recognition of the tireless dedication to people with disabilities provided by Katherine Carol, a long-time contributor to Job Training & Placement Report, a monthly newsletter for professionals supporting employment for people with disabilities. Impact Publications published JTPR from 1997 through May 2015.