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By Germany Kent

twitter-logoThere are 500 million Tweets crowding the Twitter-sphere every single day. So how do you get noticed and followed, and not languish in obscurity — everyone’s worst Twitter-mare? Here are some tips for optimizing your Twitter feed.

Don’t fake it. Twitter can help you consolidate your identity and pinpoint your goals.  Make sure you invest time in that initial work: it’s well worth it. The more defined your image and clear your voice and point of view, the more followers you will have.
Tweet with intention. And keep your focus. You’ll engage a far greater following if your presence has a reason and a scope. You’ll also begin to build a field of expertise. While you don’t want to always be serious, you’re not on Twitter to regurgitate gossip. If a topic is trending that’s related to your field, Tweet about it. Pose questions. Quote insights. It’s a great way to find your network (and don’t forget relevant hashtags).
Tweet often, but not too often. Tweeting often is better than tweeting hardly at all, but there’s balance to strike: It’s good to give your posts time to “sink in” on social media. How many times you Tweet on any given day is your choice, but I recommend you Tweet only once every hour for the best results.
Work in your own personality. Give your Tweets a sense of your own personality and humor. 96261_ext_arquivo.jpgDon’t be afraid to voice your take on a topic. Then, invite others’ opinions — a great way to gain followers. But be careful: Twitter is like an instant mirror, where what you say reflects right back onto you. Saying “I’m bored” will reflect back on you as “I’m boring,” which in work-speak can have a  harmful impact on your viability.
Be consistent. Once you’re up and running and building up followers don’t suddenly drop out of sight. You’ll have more followers if they know what to expect from you, and if you’re tweeting regularly, it’s a clear indicator that you are interested in the world and engaged in your field. Don’t overdo the baby or throwback Thursday (#tbt) dorm room photos, though. Creativity gives your Tweets a little spice, but oversharing can lose followers.

Germany Kent is a social media influencer, author, and entrepreneur. She is also an expert on crafting an authentic, dynamic personal brand. In You Are What You Tweet: Harness the Power of Twitter to Create a Happier, Healthier Life (May 2015), she presents a self-help guide packed with practical tips, tricks, secrets, and strategies for mastering Twitter and turning it into a powerful vehicle for self-transformation.