Take this Handy Checklist to Find Out!

The U.S. Business Leadership Network (USBLN) developed a Workplace Disability Inclusion Assessment Tool Clipart Illustration of a Red Pencil Marking Of Items On A Checkto provide employers with a means to initiate or enhance their disability-friendly corporate practices.

Check the box that best applies to your organization.

RECRUITMENT                                                                                                             YES          NO          N/A

The term disability is mentioned in company materials.

Job applicants with disability are actively recruited.

Recruitment plans include community outreach to disability organizations.

Application materials are available in alternative formats.

The company regularly evaluates its physical plant for accessibility.

EMPLOYMENT                                                                                                                YES          NO           N/A

Hiring managers receive disability awareness and sensitivity training.

A company reasonable accommodation policy is in place.

An employee resource group focused on disabilities is in place.

Disability is included in diversity and inclusiveness training.

Leadership training is available for employees with disabilities.


This is a condensed version of the January 2015 “Workplace Connection,” a monthly bulletin that is included with a paid subscription to Job Training & Placement Report. For more information, visit http://www.impact-publications.com