Hiring a qualified person with a disability brings greater benefits beyond just filling an open position. workerHere are just a few of the reasons for businesses to hire someone with a disability:

* People with disabilities are capable. Despite widespread misconceptions, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are capable of learning new skills and completing tasks. People with disabilities also have formidable skill sets that can contribute greatly to the success  of a business.

* People with disabilities are hardworking. On-time, dedicated, productive, and loyal are just a few of the adjectives employees use to describe their employees with disabilities. Employees with disabilities often model characteristics that employers desire for their entire workforce.

th* People with disabilities are good for business. Hiring people with disabilities is a visible way to demonstrate a business’ commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Workplace diversity also creates a positive culture for employees and customers. With nearly 5 million people living with a disability in our country, chances are your next customer knows someone with a disability and will appreciate your hiring practices.

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