stock-photo-safety-concept-computer-keyboard-with-shield-with-keyhole-icon-and-word-fraud-on-enter-button-160403726The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) has become aware that some members have been contacted by a mailing list company purporting to be selling the attendee list from the 2014 World EAP Conference.
According to the claims, which evidently come from a firm called Event Tech House, the list includes “all the data you need to make your sale: company name, executive name, title, direct email address, physical address, phone number and more.”
EAPA has been able to determine that this list is fake, and while we have no way of knowing whether any actual conference attendees have been placed on the list, it is NOT the conference attendee list and EAPA has no connection with the soliciting individual or group.
Sadly, frauds like this one are becoming more commonplace. Another example EAPA and other associations have dealt with recently are the “room pirate” groups that contact prospective attendees or exhibitors at conferences purporting to have access to discounted rooms at conference hotels.
EAPA recommends that all members, exhibitors, and EA professionals remain alert for these scams, and let us know if you receive suspicious communications.