Whistling while you work… good… TREAT!  You get a candy bar! … NOT being careful about tweeting or posting a note on imagesFacebook while at work…. bad…  TRICK!  A scary proposition that could mean disciplinary action…  or worse!  For more “treats,” not tricks, follow the tips below:

* Know what’s allowed. Make sure you understand and adhere to your company’s social networking policy.

* Keep it professional. Use social networking sites while at work to make connections with others in your field or follow industry trends – not to catch up with family and friends.

* Stay positive. Avoid complaining about your manager and co-workers. Once you’ve hit “send” you can’t take back what you said, and there’s a chance the message could be read by the very people you’re criticizing!

* Be careful when “friending” in the workplace. First, never friend a boss, as this can become awkward. Second, you might be friended by an acquaintance you don’t want to connect with, but it may be best to accept friend requests from colleagues to avoid slighting them. However, add them to a “work” list and adjust privacy settings so you can separate your job from your personal life.

Source: Robert Half International (www.roberthalf.com).