indexMany busy professionals………. such as those in the employee assistance and supported employment fields…. travel a great deal as part of their jobs. As such,  they may be Park and Fly users, as I have been.  I’m referring to the convenient service in which your car is parked at a hotel near the airport you’re flying out of, a hotel shuttle takes you into the airport, and upon return, the same shuttle service brings you back to your car.

No trying to find your car in a jam-packed airport lot, no high fees to pay depending on how long you were gone. With such convenience, and a cost must cheaper than parking your car in an airport parking lot, it’s a popular service, and rightly so.

Still, you may wish to at least consider a different option after what I have to say.  I flew to Orlando recently on business, only to find out upon my return that our 1999 Dodge Intrepid .. one nearly identical to the picture above.. was stolen from the hotel lot! Not parked in the wrong spot and towed … STOLEN!  It turned up in an impound lot in Milwaukee (where we flew out of), but the damage was such that an adjuster with our insurance company considered it unrepairable.

Of course, we’ll get reimbursed for the car’s blue book value, and as I say it was a 15-year-old car…but it’s the “violation” of your rights and tremendous inconvenience that still leaves you plenty upset!  I doubt I will use park and fly again… … if you are reading this and have had nothing but great experiences with it — as I had up to now — hey, great… more power to you.

Moral of the story: However you get to and from an airport, be carefuland…. if you have more than one car, as you probably do, make sure you drive your older vehicle to the airport.  At least the crook didn’t get our 2007 vehicle.