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7715* For every dollar invested in an EAP, employers generally save anywhere from $5 to $16 (USDL, What Works: Workplaces Without Drugs).

* United Airlines estimated it gets nearly a $17 return for every dollar invested in employee assistance. (Substance Abuse: A Guide to Workplace Issues).

* The Warner Corp. realized an estimated $1,750 savings per employee, per year, because of lower workers’ compensation costs and fewer on-the-job accidents, due to having an EAP (Mash & McLennan Companies, The Economics of a Drug-Free Workplace).

* The Gillette Company saw a 75 percent reduction of in-hospital alcohol and other drug abuse treatment costs (The Economics of a Drug-Free Workplace).

* McDonnell Douglas estimated that its EAP saves the company $5.1 million annually due to fewer days missed from work, reduced turnover, 7760and lower medical claims of employees.

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