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workshopWhy are individuals and organizations working to close sheltered workshops and what will be the ramifications? What is the future of sheltered workshops and employment for people with disabilities?

Should they be kept open? Closed? Do they provide a necessity for employment for people with disabilities? Or are they discriminatory, a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act? is there a middle ground on this issue?

One thing is for sure, people across the country are passionate about this issue! Go to the link below to listen to a distinguished panel discuss this contentious issue. The participants are:  Craig Stenning, director of the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare; Joann Marshall, CEO of the Resource Center for Independent Living in Utica, N.Y.; Patrick McCarthy, director of development with the Beacon Group in Tucson, Ariz.; and Dee O’Neill, board member of the Beacon Group.  It is hosted by Jerry Pattee, president of United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon and SW Washington.

Who knows – your opinion may even be altered on this contentious issue!  Go to:   http://www.outofstep.com/articles/toost-radio/transcript-fusing-10

Actually, this takes you to the transcript. The broadcast itself is available at the right-hand column:  Recommended Reading: Fusing (10) Closing Sheltered Workshops: Good or Bad Idea?

Interested individuals may also email:  info@outofstep.com.