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employmentEmployment First is a concept to facilitate the full inclusion of people with the most significant disabilities in the workplace and community. Under the Employment First approach, community-based, integrated employment is the first option for employment services for youth and adults with significant disabilities.

By Allen Anderson

Times will be a changing as Employment First efforts reconfigure the landscape of employment services for people with significant employment barriers. I am writing three articles on these changes and how I think we can maximize the benefits the Employment First initiatives are offering our industry.

The first lies in understanding the evolution of our industry in meeting Employment First needs. The second part will focus on structural changes needed in strategy and technique to ensure effectiveness in obtaining much-needed jobs. The third installment in this series will be on the management changes that will come about or need to be put in place to maximize Employment First or similar efforts.

Evolution of Employment First…  This article appears in its entirety in the May 2014 issue of Job Training & Placement Report. For a sample copy, visit http://www.impact-publications.com, phone 715-258-2448 or email mike.jacquart@impacttrainingcenter.net

Allen Anderson is a long-time contributor to Job Training & Placement Report and president of Dover Training Group & Employment Management Professionals. For more information, check out:   http://www.dtg-emp.com.