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APPSAble Opportunities, Inc. is excited to announce the Work Autonomy App, a person-centered accommodation tool.

 Work Autonomy provides higher levels of independence for people with disabilities in the work site by providing fluency in three areas that traditionally challenge successful competitive placements: 1) person-generated communication with co-workers and supervisors regardless of linguistic or cognitive skill, 2) tracking task analysis and work schedules independently, and 3) allowing access to concrete information about work expectations, production and dollars.

People with disAbilities, parents, teachers, SLPs, and Vocational Rehabilitation Specialists recommend Work Autonomy for people with developmental disabilities, multiple disabilities, Downs Syndrome, Autism (ASD), cognitive disorders, intellectual disabilities, stroke, traumatic brain injury, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and deafness combined with a developmental disability.

The design is focused on the user with a disability to program and track concrete information about their work life. All or any of three sections can be turned on and programmed for use: Messages, Schedules and Production.

Each section allows for the capture and editing of content using video, photo, text and/or voice to meet the communication preferences and processing needs of the user. Check it out at: http://www.ableopps.com.