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downloadBy Sally Spencer-Thomas, Jarrod Hindman & Joe Conrad

Dr. Rich Mahogany is a character created to “man up” mental health and help men of working age think about their emotional problems from a different perspective. The tools offered by Man Therapy provide employee assistance professionals with an innovative method to reach men who might not otherwise use mental health services.

The team behind this mental health program designed it as an “upstream” approach to stem the tide of tens of thousands of men who die by suicide each year. The team, a public-private, nonprofit partnership is comprised of Colorado’s Office of Suicide Prevention, Cactus Marketing Communications, and the Carson J Spencer Foundation   http://www.carsonjspencer.org

In addition, research discovered that workplaces needed training, just like CPR, to help co-workers identify suicidal distress and refer to helpful resources such as   http://www.WorkingMinds.org    Because of these discoveries, the mental health program “Man Therapy” needed not only to target men but also to reach the people who surrounded men in crisis.

This is a brief overview of two articles that appear in the February 2014 Employee Assistance Report. For more information, or to order a free copy, visit  the “Employee Assistance Professionals” link at   http://www.impact-publications.com