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websiteThe public is invited to participate in a virtual dialogue now through Friday, Dec. 20, 2013, that examines the accessibility barriers facing persons with  intellectual disabilities, cognitive issues, traumatic brain injuries or other disabilities that can make using the Internet challenging while seeking a job.

“Cognitively inaccessible technology can have significant employment implications,” said Kathy Martinez, assistant secretary of labor for disability employment policy. “It can prevent people with certain disabilities from finding jobs or doing important parts of their job. Contributing to this conversation will shed light on important technology barriers that aren’t always considered and help inform future industry standards to improve technology access for all.”

Coordinated by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, the event is being co-hosted by the Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology http://atac.org   and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network    http://austicadvocacy.org

While numerous accessibility standards exist to ensure that websites and online activities are accessible to people with physical or sensory disabilities, less attention is paid to cognitive accessibility. The dialogue seeks to examine the relevant challenges and ways to make job-related technology more accessible and usable.

Participants will be able to share their own technology experiences and submit their ideas, comments and votes on potential solutions.

To register for and participate in the online dialogue, visit http://ASAN-PEATePolicyWorks.ideascale.com.