What’s up at Impact Publications, publishers of this blog?  Quite a bit actually.

1) If you are a child care provider, did you know that you can now receive continuing education hours to help meet your training ccsn_sampleissuelgrequirements? To find out more, call our toll-free number, 800-350-4422.   The topic of the November Child Care Support Network (CCSN) training is “Making Good Use of Play Time.”

2) The topic of our monthly Foster Care Support Network (FCSN) training for foster parents is on “Managing Angry Behavior in Foster Homes.”

3) The topic of our monthly Adult Family Caregivers Network (AFCN) training for caregivers is on “Helping Residents with Traumatic Brain Injury.”   For information on any of these trainings, call 800-350-4422 or visit http://www.impact-publications.com

4) Impact also publishes two monthly newsletters – one for employee assistance professionals, the other for professionals who support employment for people with disabilities. The November Employee Assistance Report features, “Rethink Your EAP: Utilize a Provider Resource Directory.”  The November Job Training & Placement Report features, “Does Transition Planning in EAPs Really Matter?” by Robert Cimera.  For information on either of these newsletters, call the same toll-free number or check out the “Employee Assistance Professionals” and “Job Training Professionals” tabs at http://www.impact-publications.com.