The Labor Day holiday might offer a pleasant day of relaxation for many Americans, but many others would love tosoldiers_veterans_jobs have a job to take a break from! Domestic job disaster continues for veterans: 20.5% of returning vets are out of work. Real numbers include those who have just stopped looking.

In fact, there are tens of thousands of vets who have done multiple deployments and now fight the urge every day to go back overseas because they can’t find meaningful work at home. And for women veterans who are stuck in the middle, 26,000 of them are reporting military sexual assaults, and the numbers of homeless women vets are increasing.

 Addressing the Problem

What can be done? Edge4Vets (developed at the Fordham University Human Resiliency Institute) brings together CEOs and CFOs to mentor young men and women who return from war with no sense of what they’ll do for work in an extremely competitive job market.

Sander Flaum, a veteran himself, whose consulting company Flaum Navigators works with large companies to motivate sales and growth as he himself is a well-known speaker on leadership and management and author of two books on leadership, as well as a mentor for NYC Venture Forum that mentors young entrepreneurs. is passionate about the Edge4Vets program.  He says that the VA can only do so much.

“We sit down with young veterans and teach them to interview and show them how to put together resumes. Sometimes we find we have to teach the etiquette of eating in a board room rather than a mess hall – how to dress for an interview and more. We show them that their military training to pay close attention to detail, perform in high pressure environments is a positive way to brand themselves and boost their confidence,” he says.

 Role-Playing a Job Interview

The goal of mentoring tactics is to use military training attention to capitalize on the strengths the soldiers have gained. Sander describes the way he might role play preparation of a job interview: “Tell me what the mission is – tell me how much time is needed to complete the mission – tell me how to do the mission – and I‘ll get it done. We teach the veterans to use that method to brand themselves to say with confidence, ‘Ma’am/Sir if I can’t get it done in 8 weeks you won’t have to fire me but I’ll resign.”

 Sander’s new book, The Best Thing that Ever Happened to You, specifically deals with the opportunities of mid-career change and rebranding oneself to find a new and better career. Visit: