Washington, DC – On Wednesday, the National Skills Coalition (NSC) held a call with job training providers and employers to highlight the impact that cuts under the sequester will have on job training programs.

The sequester will cut more than $450 million from federal employment and training programs this year. As a result, nearly two million fewer workers will have less access to critical services that would help improve their skills for jobs employers need filled.

 “These across the board cuts will mean millions of workers and employers won’t be able to get the skills needed to close the skills gap, reduce unemployment, and create more jobs, “said Rachel Gragg, federal policy director of National Skills Coalition. 

The National Skills Coalition released an infograph that illustrates the impact of federal funding cuts over the last decade on employment and training programs, and how sequestration will only deepen this disinvestment in America’s workers.

View Infograph with impact stories at: http://www.nationalskillscoalition.org/federal-policies/ndd/sequester-impact_stories.pdf