mobile-sites-apps-webinarMobile applications can be very useful to most anyone, but with the tons and tons of apps out there, which ones could be beneficial for busy professionals? Regardless of your profession, the tips below may prove very helpful.

By Jennifer Hutchison, Online Marketing Specialist for InfoStreet — www.infostreet.com

 The following are ten innovative apps that are bound to be big hits this year.

 1. Sign In Blue: Do you need to manage your time more wisely? Check out Sign In Blue, which allows users to electronically transmit signatures. No more waiting for overnight deliveries or incoming faxes; contracts can be sent and received instantaneously.

2. Kashoo: You no longer have to be an accountant to decipher your books. Kashoo is an accounting app designed for anyone to use.

3. eSlip: This is an invoicing app that manages and organizes invoices. You can create product lists, send out invoices, and even keep track of payments from any of your devices.

4. MindMeister: Forget old school brainstorming sessions. With MindMeister, your team submits and combines ideas online from anywhere, at any time. Plan a session with your team and swap notes across devices, then watch your ideas grow.

5. CanGrade: Simplify the traditional hiring process with an app that helps you screen the applicants and select the right person to join your business. The app even grades your applicants, making your choice that much easier!

6. Memonic: This is a web-clipping app that lets you clip web pages like you’re clipping the pages of a newspaper, and then organizes all of your web clippings into one easy-to-access location. Save a page and read it later, or save a snippet of an article about your industry.

7. ShiftPlanning:  If you’re sick of losing time when making schedules, give ShiftPlanning a try. Create, edit, and manage timesheets, payroll, and schedules online. You can even send notifications for missed shifts or last-minute changes.

8. SandGlaz: This app is designed to track all of your tasks and manage your to-do list, while giving you a priority-based system for getting things done.

9. Cake HR:  Is it time for new HR software that efficiently manages employees’ information? Check out CakeHR, a simple app designed to manage vacation time, sick days, and more.

10. Google Apps for Small Business: This app suite has it all: Google Drive for file sharing and word processing needs; Google Calendar to keep track of all of your contacts, events, and appointments; Google Sites to give your business a website hub; and GMail, an email client that improves communication within and outside of the business.

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