Piggy BankTHIRTY-EIGHT minutes. That’s the average length of time a high school guidance counselor is able to spend with a student discussing college-specific items. 476:1 The national average ratio of high school students to guidance counselors. $1 trillion in student debt that has eclipsed credit card debt for the 1st time in history.. College costs that rise 6-8% on average per year. A larger and more competitive applicant pool.  These issues and averages are just the “tip” of the college planning iceberg influencing whether today’s “modern” family will be able to actually afford a 4-yr college. 

 Much of this information has been penned already by many other authors, so I do not want to rehash something that has already been “beaten” senseless into the American public but rather highlight a few pointers that might help folks to mitigate some of their anxieties and fears. Our firm, the College Resource Center, has worked with thousands of families over the years on creating viable plans for how best to pay for college without going broke and while each family’s situation is different, there is a common link amongst them- they are all very concerned with how best to approach what can be an overwhelming process. 

 Have a plan. If you don’t, your plan will arrive in the mail when you receive your 1st tuition bill.  Determine what your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) will be. This is one of THE most important figures to know and basically lets a college know how much per year you can afford to pay to have your son or daughter attend that fine institution.

 To get started, you can use our EFC calculator at Free Trial to register for a free trial and learn not only what your personal EFC is, but how much it potentially could be lowered by. (Your free trial will also give you access to an eCalendar to help you keep track of important dates and deadlines in the college admissions process)

Use the promo code: “Impact” to receive 20% off when you purchase any of our 5 components and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have: jay.robie@smarttracktoolkit.com or 800 863-9440 ext. 277. Good luck!

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