Day Two Question: Where will the 2013 World EAP Conference be held?  Answer appears below, but don’t peek!

BALTIMORE, MD — “Embarking on a new voyage: embracing the currents of change,” was the theme at EAPA’s annual World EAP Conference, held Oct. 17-20 at the Hilton in Baltimore.

Oct. 19 – There wasn’t a chair to be had at Bruce Blythe’s extremely informative session, “Employee Layoffs and Terminations: When Hostility or Violence is a Concern.” Blythe, chairman of several crisis care organizations, is widely recognized as an expert on this subject. Blythe repeatedly made the point that those involved in possible critical incident escalation absolutely have to anticipate the scenarios that not only “could” happen – but which very well “MIGHT” occur.

David McDuff, M.D., team psychiatrist for the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens presented, “Sports EAPs: Enhancing Use and Integrating Services with Medicine and Psychiatry.” This session offered useful strategies for developing EAPs that are accepted and utilized by athletes, coaches, and their families.

While attending “formal” sessions is certainly useful at most any conference, the importance of more informal learning, networking – and just plain fun! – can’t be overlooked either! Chestnut Global Partners’ ( reception at the Hard Rock Cafe, certainly met that criteria! Pictured with yours truly are David Sharar, Ph.D., managing director of Chestnut Global Partners (at right), and Jenny Espinoza Soto, regional account manager with EAP LatinA Corp. in Buenos Aires, Argentina (see above left).

Answer to Day Two Question: Phoenix, Az.