Did you know that nearly 8 million paid workdays were lost due to domestic violence in 2003? That’s the equivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs!

As if personal stories of pain and hardship aren’t difficult enough for victims, it’s also important that employers address the issue of domestic violence among their employees. Not only does domestic violence have  a negative impact on a company’s finances, but it also causes both victims and other employees to suffer undue stress and low morale. Ignoring the problem poses security risks, and therefore liability concerns.

Employee Assistance Report (see EAR link at www.impact-publications.comtakes a close look at this important issue in its October newsletter. DeeAnna Merz Nagel and Kate Anthony offer crucial information about online interventions for victims of domestic violence, while Sandra Molinari offers important recommendations for employees and employers alike in October’s “Brown Bagger” insert.  To subscribe, see the link above. To find out more, contact the editor at mike.jacquart@impacttrainingcenter.net

Watch for more information on this topic next week from Sandra Molinari.  You may also wish to check out the following websites:

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence — www.ncadv.org

National Network to End Domestic Violence — www.nnedv.org

Safe at Work Coalition — www.safeatworkcoalition.org

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