The author of this blog wishes to thank the two individuals who stepped forward to claim two of the four free books we have been offering as part of the 1-year anniversary of this blog. Two FREE books REMAIN available!  They are:

Alcohol: What’s a Parent to Believe?  by Stephen G. Biddulph ($12.95, Hazelden). …….. “The best way to help your teen make healthy choices is to be informed. In this much-needed book about America’s most accessible and socially sanctioned psychoactive drug, addiction specialist Stephen Biddulph helps parents sort through the latest facts, the known risks, and the divergent perspectives on alcohol use. His basic message? For teens, drinking alcohol equals risk. YOUR basic message? That’s up to you.”

How to Care for Aging Parents, by Virginia Morris ($18.95, Workman Publishing). … “Featured on Oprah and Good Morning America, winner of the Books for a Better Life Award, and hailed as an “excellent resource”  by the Family Caregiver Alliance, How to Care for Aging Parents is completely revised, updated, and expanded, with nearly 300 pages of new material. Compassionate and thorough, it is a caregiver’s bible.”

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