Knowing the Person’s Communication Style  (This post is the third in a series.)

By Karen Steffan

Everyone has a preferred method of communication. For persons with autsim spectrum disorder (ASD), their sensitivities magnify the need to have information given to them in the style that fits them best.

You will find that some people prefer visuals, some work well with social stories, some with a picture exchange system (PES), and still others prefer auditory delivery or use sign language.

A key “upfront” strategy for success is to identify what method of communication works best for them. This is not only important now, but as you would assume, this information is the foundation of your relationship with individuals with autism, and a key factor when working with them in other environments.

For example, if the person needs a mentor or a job coach in the future, you will want to match their instructional style with the communication needs of the person you are working with.

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