Are you a frequent traveler? Traveling for work may be good for your career, but it can be bad for your health because of too many restaurant meals, not enough exercise, a lack of sleep, and the stress of a hectic schedule.

One study at Columbia University followed more than 13,000 workers. The result: Those who travel more than 21 days a month are 92% more likely to be obese, which drastically raises their risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer.

In addition, 75% of frequent travelers also rated their stress levels as “high” whenever they travel. Constantly feeling rushed, overwhelmed, and under pressure can lead to common stress-related symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, mood swings, sleep issues, and irregular heartbeat.

More than half of frequent business travelers experience sleep deprivation, and exercise tends to be neglected on the road. A lot of business travelers pack light to avoid having to check any luggage, so workout clothes don’t always make the cut.

What can you do? Work extra-hard to eat healthy on the road, and look for exercise opportunities wherever you stay. Kimpton Hotels offers yoga, Pilates, and workout vidoes on their hotel room TV, as well as yoga mats and resistance straps. Westin Hotels provide running maps, workout gear, and sneakers with disposable insoles, all free of charge.

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