By Brenda Duwe Arnold

 Am I alone in thinking we need to start teaching classes on etiquette again? What’s with staring at someone’s head while they text during a conversation? What’s with never getting a thank you for anything? What’s with giving an inch and the whole world helping themselves to a mile? Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE to give! I just have lost count of the times I’ve seen people do stuff for which my dad would’ve pulled me aside and said “honey, you just don’t do that.” Use a napkin… Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom… Never mooch off a friend and always help out when you are a guest in someone’s home. …

By Mike Jacquart

… I agree. And I think this holds true for adults, too. If someone is expecting an important text or phone call – hey, fine. But in many cases people pick up like EVERYTHING is an emergency! Seems to me it is rude to constantly interrupt someone “to pick up.” Whatever happened to someone saying, “I’m busy. Can I get back to you later. I’m with someone right now.” Or else just let it go to the device’s voice mail. Isn’t that what that feature is for?  Might be a good area for EAPs to distribute some literature on.