Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance (Booklocker) is revolutionary book for people who suffer from addiction, contend with bad habits, possess negative thinking patterns, or are held captive by an addictive personality.

Author Dr. Peter Andrew Sacco can help readers transform their lives with his practical and theoretical knowledge for overcoming addictions, along with a revolutionary 3-tier approach of psychology, spiritualism and law of attraction. 

Using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques along with the 8 Beatitudes from the Holy Bible, this book breaks new ground in combining psychology with spirituality for overcoming addiction.  Furthermore, it employs the principles from the law of attraction, teaching individuals how to become what they most want to be, as well as showing them how to receive what they want.

Sacco is an author, psychology professor, and former private practitioner/hypnotherapist, and author of many international popular selling books. Learn  more at http://www.petersacco.com.