The Employee Assistance Research Foundation (EARF) has announced preliminary plans for its 2011 call for research grant proposals, the organization’s second grant cycle. This year’s proposals will focus on workplace-related outcomes of EAP. Applicants have until November 30, 2011 to submit their brief proposals.

 For a copy of the call for proposals, go to this website:

 There are two stages in the proposal process: the submission of a brief proposal and, for those approved for the second stage, a full proposal that may lead to an offer of a grant award. Grants will be reviewed by a committee consisting of Foundation board members, which includes distinguished researchers and clinicians.

In 2010 the Foundation issued its first call for proposals, focusing on the state of the EAP field. In May 2011 the Foundation awarded one-year grants of $40,000 to two organizations to support their research.

 The Foundation will accept applications from organizations such as tax-exempt educational institutions, agencies, or for-profit business entities (such as an LLC) that have access to an Institutional Review Board. The process is also open to applicant organizations from countries outside the US or Canada engaged in EAP research.