Hi. The author of this blog – and editor of, among others, Employee Assistance Report, Job Training & Placement Report, and Journal of Employee Assistance (published by EAPA, not Impact), will be on vacation….. “up nort” camping with my wife and friends in Wisconsin July 18-21. This means I won’t be posting any new info next week. Watch for new posts when I get back.

While I’m gone, I encourage readers of this blog to play “catch up” by reviewing past blog posts from other months – not just current listings – and to let me know how we’re doing!  For instance, what would you like to see more  of on this blog? Website links? Humorous anecdotes? More guest bloggers or online chats? More photos? More posts related to Impact’s other suite of publications – Child Care Support Network, Foster Care Support Network, and Adult Family Caregivers Network? (go to www.impact-publications.com to learn more) Something else?  Leave a comment !

Give it some thought, as we want to make this blog as beneficial as possible. In the meantime, I am definitely looking forward to an “old-fashioned” week with no computer and no email!  Many of us remember a time without them, after all. Talk to you next week!