I’d like to thank the participants in Monday’s online chat, “Chat on All Things Supported Employment!” They were: James Emmett, a noted disability consultant; and Margaret Lahey and Barbara Irwin with Booz Allen Hamilton, which is turning out some great advocacy and outreach work in support of the Ticket to Work program. James offered his expertise in working with employers in developing disability and diversity initiatives. They would welcome your comments at emmettx4@yahoo.com, lahey_margaret@bah.com and irwin_barbara@bah.com respectively.

It has long been a goal of mine to make Job Training and Placement Report (and for APSE members, too for that matter) better able to share interactive insights in order to promote employment outcomes for persons with disabilities. I’d have to say that, step one, at least was a success! – although it only works if people take the time to log on. So, thanks again James, Margaret and Barbara!

The next step will be to schedule future online chats – for not only supported employment professionals – but employee assistance professionals as well. In either case, we’ll try to give you as much “heads-up” about the chats as possible. Of course, if you subscribe – for free – to our blog, you’ll receive an email about each new post, and you’ll be sure not to miss out.

In the future, I hope to be able to share insights via a Facebook account as well. But, first things first – getting on board with technology takes time for “fifty-somethings” like me! Some of these things might be elementary to some of you – and that’s great – but it takes time to accomplish for not-so-tech-savvy folks like me! But I’m not complaining! Quite the opposite – I’m thrilled at being able to serve readers even better!