Whether it’s employee assistance, supported employment for people with disabilities, child care, foster care, or adult care for the elderly and individuals with developmental disabilities, the common denominator is that each of these groups seeks to make an impact (e.g. make a difference in people’s lives) — hence the name, Impact Publications.

However, it’s dawned on me that between these diverse audiences, and the two Impact titles, a little explanation might be in order. Those of you familiar with Impact and its publications may want to skip this particular post. For visitors who aren’t familiar, read on!

Impact publishing is simply the result of needing to find a name for this blog, and a number of catchier names being taken! Impact “Publications” is the company I work at. We publish the monthly newsletters Employee Assistance Report (EAR) and Job Training & Placement Report (JTPR) for employee assistance, and supported employment, professionals, respectively. For more information, see the Impact Publications website at www.impact-publications.com We also recently assumed publishing of the Journal of Employee Assistance quarterly magazine for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA). To find out more, check out www.eapassn.org.

In recent years, Impact has carved out a niche in publishing monthly continuing education (CE) trainings for the foster care, child care, and adult care audiences. The trainings, respectively, are: Foster Care Support Network (FCSN), Child Care Support Network (CCSN) and Adult Family Caregivers Network (AFCN). Again, go to the Impact site to find out more.

My point in all this? Simply that we take the name “impact” seriously. It is our sincere effort and goal to publish the best newsletters, trainings, and magazines, possible – in order to best serve each of these audiences – and we hope we can serve YOU even better with this blog, where we can also offer breaking news we receive too late for our newsletters, an opportunity for readers to comment on any of the articles we publish, and other venues.

Now that the unfamiliar have had this little primer, we hope some of you will consider suscribing to one of our newsletters or trainings. Use the comment or share feature to tell others about us! For readers of this blog who are familiar with Impact, and possibly are subscribers, we thank you for your support. Share any ideas for this blog you may have, too! Thank you for reading.