I imagine even non-Wisconsinites would probably have to be living in a cave to have not heard at least something about the recent standoff regarding Wis. Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget-repair bill.  In addition to asking public employees in the state to kick in more for their health insurance premiums and state pensions, the bill, in its current form, would also substantially reduce, if not eliminate all together, collective bargaining among state workers. (Firefighters and police officers would be exempt.)

Many believe this is a bad idea and are AGAINST the bill. Others believe the governor should be commended for addressing the state’s huge budget shortfall head-on, do not have a problem with the collective bargaining aspect, and are FOR the bill.

With many other states “in the red,” people in other states are extremely interested in seeing how this issue plays out in Wisconsin.

Since numerous employee assistance professionals are involved in union negotiations, I am very curious where EA professionals stand on this issue. Could this issue affect you? Would you be FOR the current budget bill up before the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly? Against it?  Post a comment what you think!

Actually, anyone reading this blog post could feel free to comment – I just envision the employee assistance profession as possibly being more interested in this issue than others.