Artificial food coloring has allegedly been linked to behavior problems in young children, according to a mom who says that her daughter freaks out after eating a waffle with butter and fruit puree.

The same mother says that her daughter was very even-tempered before eating prepackaged food. She adds that her daughter rarely acts “spunky” as long as Mom and Dad avoid food coloring.

According to Organic Authority, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced plans to form an advisory committee to review clinical studies conducted on common food dyes. To find out more, check out:  

Readers of the Child Care Support Network training are encouraged to comment on this posting. For instance, has your child care center run into this problem? What about the parents of any of the children in your care?  If so, what was done to rectify the situation? (Certainly, anyone else may comment, too. See also the This and That posting.)