Twitter. Facebook. Blogs. Is the 21st century a bit overwhelming for anyone besides me? Plus, I’m not the type of person to buy or get involved in the latest gadget or craze just because it’s the “in thing.”

But after not knowing how to jump into these new realms of “publishing,” I received some useful information this past year after hearing a great presentation about blogging that finally got me going. Long story short, while it’ll take time to add some bells and whistles to this site, I also recognized that you can’t learn to swim if you don’t jump in the water!

What is the purpose of this blog? For starters, as the editor of the monthly newsletters, Employee Assistance Report and Job Training & Placement Report, it is difficult to offer and share timely news and comments when you publish once a month – especially in today’s fast-paced world. The recent shooting tragedy in Tucson is but one example. What might employee assistance professionals be learning about critical incident best practices as the result of this unfortunate event? Insights like this often require an interactive forum like a blog in order to learn and share in a more timely manner than one can do in print alone.

Thus, whether it’s through breaking news, sharing insights, and other venues that affect supported employment employments, and EA professionals, a main goal of this blog will be to engage in interactive feedback among readers.

As well as these core audiences, another goal is to present news, share insights and best practices., etc., in order to also assist child and adult caregivers. I can’t emphasize the word share enough. Newsletters present information – but we want to also solicit insights from professionals and caregivers that are involved in:

1) supporting employment for people with disabilities; 2) assisting employees and employers in addressing today’s diverse work and work-life issues; 3) raising and caring for children in today’s complex world; and 4) engaging in the difficult job of providing long-term care and supervision for seniors and adults with developmental disabilities.

That’s enough for starters I guess. I plan to post once a week… and we’ll take it from there! ………………Mike Jacquart